Angelic Crystal Sound Healing



 Are you feeling lost and feel you have lost part of your identity? Always wondering why, you can’t achieve the dreams and desires you want?


Hi, I’m Corrina Sunshine co-founder of Unique Soul Healing Ltd. I can help you through the USH programme how you can become the person you want to become which I want to tell you about.

The sound therapy is a wonderful healing using crystals and sounds.

Everything you feel and experience comes from your chakra system. A few examples when you feel an emotional upset in your tummy area like a knot it’s your Solar Plexus out of a balance hence your physical body feels the emotional pain. If you are feeling the lack of love for yourself you will feel the emotion in your heart chakra, if you are struggling to voice your truth then you will feel the chakra out of balance by feeling the emotional lump in your throat. By using sounds and crystals we can bring your chakras into balance, I then give you a healing facial where I can then receive messages you need from spirit to help you heal, I’m a healer so my massages about the causes not your symptoms and to truly heal we must know the cause, in a safe angelic way. Because once you know the cause we can heal by accepting and releasing, and most importantly now at this point you will know you are standing in your own light and power for yourself, and that is when incredible changes you want will happen.       

 Therapy only £30

Therapy with visualisation and journal £48.50 


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