Corrina’s story

I first sat in meditation circle for development when I was 15 and I absolutely loved it.  Working with my spirit guides, I learned as much as I could and I knew this was my life’s work.

At the age of 17, I started my own circle helping people to learn to communicate to spirit through meditation and develop their own gifts.  At the age of 18, I opened up my first centre, where people could go for spiritual development and guidance.  I also worked with different charities for the homeless, 16 plus team, and sat on our local council forum to help direct government funding being given out to different charities.

I have also, over the years, trained in holistic healing therapy. I combine my healing skills and tools with these therapies and work with the energy of the individual.  I am also a Raw Food Diet Coach and spiritual healer currently training to become a nutritionist. 

Over the years, I have been working with spirits to develop my healing. I learnt different healing techniques which were all amazingly beautiful courses, but something just didn’t feel right.  I always felt something was missing.

Working with Saint Germain and the Violet Flame

I was always asking my spirit guide Merlin and other spirit friends why I felt like this.  One day in 2012 Ascended Master Jesus came to me in a vision around a mountain.  He said he was gathering spiritual healers for the Earth plane. I immediately agreed to do it but didn’t think any more of it. Within a few weeks, Ascended Master Saint Germain came to me and said ‘Shall we work then?’.

I received downloads from Saint Germain and was told that a convergence had taken place in 1987 where it was petitioned to source God and bring the Violet Flame back to Earth.  

The Violet Flame is a gift of light to us all.  It is very powerful and it transmutes all negativity that you may have in this lifetime or past lifetimes.  It can heal emotional and physical problems, improve your relationships, help you to grow spiritually, and just make life easier. 

So the Violet Flame was given to Archangel Zadkiel to give to Saint Germain, who works on the 7th Ray and oversees Mankind in the New Golden Age of Aquarius.

I have worked since then channelling the information provided and in 2016 Unique Soul HealingTM was born.  

I have a gift: I am able to see through people’s personality and ego and I can purely see your soul. From your soul are energy ripples being sent out to the Universe. I see your blockages. My job is to help you see and understand these blockages so that you can experience abundance; whether this is better relationships, more money, or having the success that is rightfully yours.

The process of developing the Unique Soul HealingTM System has been purely organic - I haven’t read anything on this and there have been no other influences. I know what I have been given is completely pure and I feel blessed to have received it and be able share it.

My absolute dream is to see as many people as possible going through this healing and living the life they want and love.