Janet’s story

My journey started many years ago in my childhood. With gratitude, I received my first messages from the spirit world and I felt the veil had been lifted.  I became aware of the love of God within my heart, and from that moment I knew a journey had started of self-discovery and finding out my life purpose.  It was like I was being called to do something that I had yet to find out.

I moved to Folkestone in 1993 and started the ‘Home of Light’ which supported children, the homeless, and people with learning disabilities. Between us, Corrina and I ran two shops for therapies and crystals, and a healing social circle.  But then our guides told us to close the shops, the ‘Home of Light’ charity didn’t deliver, and the social circle dried up.  We were advised to continue on our journey and await what will happen.  Daily life and work continued and we were both concentrating on our jobs and other commitments.

Following recovery from a serious illness, my interests peaked again and I decided to follow my passion – to make a decision to do what I wanted to do. 

Working with White Hawk

I found a circle that helped me to develop my clairvoyance abilities, leading into deep trance.  I stayed in circle until my spirit guide, White Hawk, told me I had learnt everything that I needed to and it was time to leave. 

That was 7 years later and I left with great awareness of the spirit world and an understanding of my own gifts. 

I continued my learning and development, studying and becoming a teacher for the Diana Cooper Foundation: 2012 & Beyond, Angels, and Keys to the Universe.  I am a certified Angel Reader with Doreen Virtue.

Around the same time as Corrina’s downloads started, we made a decision in September 2015 to start work, and in 2016 the Unique Soul HealingTM  System was born. 

The healing course has been given to Corrina over many years working with Ascended Master St Germain, and I now feel I have been blessed from the spirit world and found my life purposes in delivering the healing course and teaching.  I love to pass on the experience I have and help others on their journey with love and light.