5 Ways to Use Feng Shui in Order to Change your Life

Posted by admin on June 6, 2017

Feng Shui is a 4000 year old Chinese practice that involved arranging your furniture and general environment in order to enhance your life. Though it can seem like a difficult complex to grasp upon first glance, it is a philosophy that is full of common sense practices and techniques that can create a fun, healthy and happy life.

In short, Feng Shui is about creating a home that feels good, supports dreams and nurtures the mind, body and spirit. We’ve put together five simple techniques to help you practice Feng Shui in your own home.


Clear Clutter

A tidy home equals a tidy mind. Clearing clutter is the first step to creating a better energy within your home environment. You’ll be creating a sense of freedom and space that will allow new opportunities to come into your life. When we are inundated with clutter, we are setting ourselves up for anxious feelings and failure. We’d advise starting with the room you spend the most time in, be it your kitchen, bedroom or living room, and you’ll soon start noticing the differences Feng Shui can create.


It is essential for our health for the oxygen we breathe to be pure, which is why it’s also essential for our homes energy to feel clean and circulate freely. Our homes have the ability to hold the energy of every person that has entered and every event that has taken place; both good and bad. Over time, this energy can build up, and only cleansing can remove it. You can learn to keep the energy fresh and uplifting by burning sage or sandalwood and introducing healthy plants and fresh flowers to your décor.

Choose Comfort and Safety

A Feng Shui guideline is to ensure you put comfort first. You should choose furniture that is comfortable to sit in, rather than providing the wow-factor. Pay particular attention to places where you are likely to spend a lot of time, for example a sofa, bed or desk. Position yourself so you have a view of the door. This allows our bodies to completely relax, as we become unfretted by the possibility of someone startling us from behind. Lastly, why not choose furniture with rounded edges to prevent any mishaps. You need to feel comfortable and safe above anything else.

Overcome Habits

Clearing your home space and revitalising your living environment can be difficult if you find it hard to break old habits. Learn to put things away instead of creating extra clutter by giving everything its own place, for example. You can learn to create a stress-free, relaxing environment by overcoming any old habits that were stopping you living in a calm and comforting home.

Good Karma, Good Kitchen

Your kitchen is the source of yours and your family’s health; where you prepare delicious meals and potentially eat together and spend important family time with one another. Keeping your kitchen as clean as can be and with all appliances in working order will ensure good karma, and no blocked energy throughout. Organised cabinets, fridges and shelves in your kitchen can ensure you never need to worry about any lost items (or reaching to the back!) ever again.

Feng Shui is an important aspect to any persons home. If you’d like more information on how you can incorporate Feng Shui into your bedroom, office or entire house, we can help. You can get in touch by visiting our contact page.