Our Unique Soul Healing 'Guinea Pig' has published a book!

Posted by uniquesoulhealing on April 18, 2018


“For once awake, and all to rise,

We see the sparkle in their eyes,

For those who came upon a secret,

Knew too well they could not keep it.”


Brushing my teeth with baby lotion katherine meehan.png 

Katherine Meehan’s ‘Brushing My Teeth with Baby Lotion’ starts in 2012 with her spiritual awakening, and takes us through the natural tools and universal lessons she learnt on her journey to wellness.

We took Katherine through the Unique Soul HealingTM System in 2016 and now she is sharing her knowledge and experience of it in her book in the hope it will raise awareness and help others in their own journeys.  Here is an excerpt: 

“Previously I thought there were only seven chakras and that they were the strong colours of the rainbow.  I learnt that Unique Soul HealingTM System works with twelve chakras and you align them to specific colour frequencies in order to receive the healing energies.  The colours are pastel and pearlescent.  The twelve chakras consist of the traditional seven plus five that were taken away from us at the fall of Atlantis and given back to us in 2012.  These five chakras include the Earth Star and Soul Star.

“The Earth Star is located six inches under your feet.   It is the first chakra to open when you awaken to your spiritual journey and keeps you grounded.  In 2012 there was a huge energy influx to Earth and many people, including me, ‘woke up’ to their lives.  This made sense to me because that was when I found myself saying I could ‘feel my feet on the floor’.

“To open the Soul Star chakra we must neutralise mental contamination such as inappropriate thoughts, beliefs, drugs, alcohol and depression.  So the work I had done on myself so far had led to this point – preparing me to be able to open my Soul Star and receive the healing energies.  We all have our unique storybook in us and I am sharing mine.  I hope it encourages others to think about and maybe share theirs too.” 

Brushing my teeth with baby lotion katherine meehan book back.png


Staying grounded

Our Earth Star chakra and Soul Star chakra (located above your head in your aura) work in harmony together to balance our energies and maintain equilibrium for spiritual growth. When we awaken and throughout our journey it is essential that we keep ourselves grounded at all times.  Being ungrounded means we are not fully in our physical body and may feel disorientated, dizzy, feel sick, have a headache, or feel panic.  To avoid this we need to reconnect with Mother Earth.  Ways to ground yourself include:
- with your feet flat on the floor legs and uncrossed, visualise golden roots growing from the soles of your feet and deep into the earth
- go outside and stamp your feet or walk around (even better if in bare feet)
- concentrate on something outside that is alive – a tree, plant, insect, animal  
- take a shower
- sleep
- have a cup of tea and a biscuit
- use our Earth Star Chakra Aura/Environmental Spray. 

Katherine's book is available to buy on Amazon, and our Unique Soul Healing book and Earth Star Chakra Spray are available to buy in our Shop.