Chat It's Fate! Article 2019

Posted by admin on December 18, 2019

We were lucky enough to be featured in the December 2019 issue of Chat It's Fate! 

We've added an extract from the article for you to read below.


"Sitting quietly in a meditation circle, I called on my guide to come forward.
‘Merlin? Are you there?’
A familiar face, wise and handsome, with a long grey beard, appeared.
‘I’m here, Corrina.’
One of my spirit guides was indeed Merlin, the legendary sage who guided King Arthur in his quest to unite Britain and rule fairly and equally. But all was not quite as it seemed…
I’ve been working with my spirit guides since I was 15, and it’s been my life’s work to help people to learn to communicate to spirit through meditation and develop their own gifts.  Aged just 18, I opened up my first centre, where people could go for spiritual development and guidance.
Over the years, I worked with spirits to develop my healing. I learnt different healing techniques which were all amazingly beautiful courses - but something just didn’t feel right. I always felt something was missing.
‘Why do I feel this way?’ I asked Merlin in frustration.
‘Keep learning,’ he told me, ‘And you’ll see.’
Merlin had always assisted with my healing, but it was fairly basic, lower chakra stuff.
One day in 2012 Ascended Master Jesus came to me in a vision around a mountain. Ascended Masters are spiritual beings who once walked the earth like you or me, but have now balanced their karma and ascended to a higher plane. Jesus said he was gathering spiritual healers for the Earth plane as it is needed. I immediately agreed to do it but didn’t think any more of it. 
Within a few weeks, another Ascended Master came to me and said ‘Shall we work then?’ 
He told me his name was St Germain. I recognised that name – in spiritual circles, he’s thought to be the being responsible for starting the Age of Aquarius, the healing of the Earth. Like other Ascended Masters, including Buddha, he’s lived many lifetimes. He’s been the prophet Samuel, the first English martyr, St Alban – and Merlin himself!
I’d been working with St Germain all along, but hadn’t realised it until I was ready to receive his wisdom. Now, he told me that it was my mission to use the Violet Flame for healing.
The Violet Flame is a gift of light to us all. Brought to Earth from the heavenly realms by St Germain, it’s a very powerful tool that can be invoked to transmute all negativity that you may have in this lifetime or past lifetimes. It can heal emotional and physical problems, improve your relationships, help you to grow spiritually, and just make life easier. 
Using the information passed on to me by St Germain, in 2016 I set up my company Unique Soul Healing, together with my mother Janet Bristow, a medium and spiritual teacher herself. It’s a healing experience that’s uniquely tailored for each individual and can provide them, not just with the healing they need, but the wisdom and experience they need to achieve spiritual enlightenment.
My absolute dream is to see as many people as possible going through this healing and living the life they want and love. 
St Germain still works with me very closely and has given me further visions of bringing his Violet Flame to life, which we are working on right now. I’m so honoured and blessed to have such exalted spirit guides – and just hope I can do them justice!"
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