How can I become more at One with the Universe?

Posted by admin on June 13, 2017

universe.jpgBecoming at one with the Universe needn’t be as difficult as it sounds. For those who recognise and accept a higher realm of knowing and communication beyond themselves and their physical bodies will find the process easier. The Universe has unlimited energy that can be tapped by all who make the effort to focus and tune themselves. By connecting with the Universe’s energy, you will learn to become more at one with the Universe itself.

Stay Focused

You can learn to tune into the Universe’s energy by learning to really focus. Try focusing on even the smallest psychic feelings you feel happen to you or those around you. Try playing the event over in your mind continuously, which will help you to get familiar with the presence of energy involved in the psychic sense. You will begin to understand how involved and integrated the hidden power within the Universe is and how it caused the event to take place.

Know everything is Connected

It’s important to understand that, when becoming at one with the Universe, everything around you is connected. All living things have a conscience, and therefore a connection to everything else within the Universe. Whether it be humans, animals or plants, we are all connected to a hidden energy of which infuses the Universe and brings us together. By understanding and accepting this fact, you will learn to feel more at one with the world around you.

Your Mind set is Important

Once you’ve taken the time to come to accept the world and learn to stay focused, adopting a specific kind of mind set is vital for connecting with the Universe. Learn to practice a power thinking process, and ask for feedback whilst working on this ability. Feedback can help you to learn and understand what the Universe is sending you and why you are experiencing it.

Meditate and get a Reading

Learn to meditate correctly. This is not necessarily a requirement for becoming at one with the Universe, though it can make a lot of difference as to how fast you progress. Meditation also has a number of fantastic benefits to help the mind, body and soul. Your development can also be advanced by obtaining a reading or consultation from a professional reader or medium. Try to do this face to face, as being directly in the vibration of the person giving the reading can really obtain energy involved.

If you’re interested in learning more about becoming at one with the Universe, we offer some fantastic courses that can help. Our keys to the universe one day workshop can guide you towards self-enlightenment by helping you to become fully aware of the aspects within your life and therefore helping you understand the universe.

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