The Importance of Colours and Their Meanings

Posted by admin on July 7, 2016

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There have been a lot of studies into colours and their meanings. It’s believed certain colours can impact our mood and responses to people and situations. Read on to learn about the fascinating psychology behind colours.



Colours have a significant influence on everyday life. It sets the tone of a room, whether that’s warm and inviting or cold and unfriendly. However, the attributes of a colour are never set in stone; they have positive and negative associations that exist concurrently. What’s more, nuances in colour can evoke different feelings and responses in people, which is why they matter so much. In fact, we have turns of phrases that stem from our understanding of colour like ‘feeling blue’ or ‘green fingers’.


Red is bold and bright. It knows how to catch the eye and draw attention; it’s used in stop signs and danger warnings for a reason. It’s also the colour most associated with love. It reminds us of the heart and blood and their function in the body. It’s interesting that we can recognise red as a sign of danger and love even though the two things are so different.

Yellow promotes optimism, confidence and creativity. It’s a strong colour with greatest psychological impact. It can reinforce our sense of self and fill us with cheer, maybe because it resembles the sun and its warmth or the way it provides us with life. However, too much yellow can be irritating; causing feelings of nervousness.

Blue can have a calming effect. It’s the colour of the sea and sky; the natural world. The sea and sky are constant and that makes them comfortable and familiar. Blue also reminds us of the tranquillity of sitting by the sea. On the other hand, when the colour blue is too light it comes across as clinical which can be disconcerting.

Green indicates nature and growth in horticulture. There’s something refreshing about being surrounded by a lot of green, maybe because it’s the colour of undisturbed earth. Alternatively, it can be a symbol of envy which is where the phrase ‘the green eyed monster’ derives from; green could also symbolise financial greed.

Orange is another warm colour but it doesn’t have the same aggression as red. It’s a refreshing citrus colour that inspires thoughts of the tropics. Having said that, it also has ties to deceit and distrust.

Purple was once a colour only the royal and wealthy wore. For that reason, it is still linked to the idea of wealth and luxury. It’s a rare colour that we don’t often see in nature which might be another reason why it was so valued. However, it’s also considered a colour of grief and mourning in some cultures.

Colours actually go beyond the physical, sometimes we can have a spiritual response to a space or person because of the colours present. If you have experienced anything like this, we can help you make sense of it.  Feel free to get in touch with us now.