New Moon & Eclipse 10th June 2021

Posted by uniquesoulhealing on June 9, 2021

New Moon & Eclipse June 10th 2021 

June has been a highly transformative month, and you may even feel like you’re being pushed into so many different directions. For one thing, Mercury is currently in retrograde, which is bringing up the past and encouraging you to analyse what’s come and gone. Plus, last month, a lunar eclipse in Sagittarius radiated so much change throughout the astrological atmosphere. It’s likely that you’ve been purging and letting go of so many things. However, new beginnings are awaiting you, the upcoming solar eclipse on June 10 could be incredibly game-changing., revealing hidden messages and encouraging you to practice manifestation. This will help you find and enable your passions bringing excitement and a desire for socialization – do something interesting and adventurous with those you love.  

What to Expect: The Solar eclipse may illuminate certain hidden messages in your life, try not to make major life decisions during this time the Universe is urging you to open your mind up to new ideas, to learn new things with childlike curiosity, and truly find what resonates with your soul -- but not just that. It’s time to implement the masculine energy behind what you’re exploring and try new things.  

 You must invite in new experiences first with the mind and then the body will follow. Then, the soul will speak through the body and tell you whether or not you are on the right path