New Workshops

Posted by uniquesoulhealing on November 9, 2019


We have lots of exciting new workshops to announce for this year and 2020.

Tarot Cards, Ascension Workshop, Angel Workshop, Bathbomb making Workshop, The Law of Attraction Workshop, Lemurian Planetary Healing and A Unicorn and Orbs workshop. Keep checking back as more will be added. 

November 16th Tarot Card Workshop

November 24th Introduction to Ascension Workshop

December 7th Angel Workshop

January 19th Introduction to Ascension Workshop

January 26th Ascension Workshop Level 2

February 1st Bathbomb Making Workshop

February 8th Law Of Attraction Workshop

February 13th Tarot Card Workshop

February 22nd Lemurian Planetary Healing

March 14th Unicorns and Orbs Workshop

To make bookings or for further information  please visit the shop.