October/November Spirit Animal The Elephant

Posted by uniquesoulhealing on October 26, 2020

The Spirit animal for October/November is the Elephant. The elephant is a majestic pachyderm that embodies good luck, wisdom, stability and steadiness it is the largest living land animal and have life expectancies of over 60 years. Elephants are gentle giants who show great care towards their herd which symbolises responsibility. The female elephant oversees the heard. The gestation period of a baby elephant is 22 months. The elephant has a strong tusk that acts as a deterrent to other animals. The elephant is seen as a calm peaceful animal until provoked. An elephant has a vast memory, and it has been reported that an elephant can remember another elephant after 25 years of being apart.

Elephants are emotional creatures and give hugs using there trunks not only to other elephants but also to other species who are in distress. This shows their compassion and empathy. The elephant also has close links with man spanning many years.

Elephants with their trunk down are thought to represent positive energy and help to move through obstacles and challenges whereas elephants with their trunks up represent attracting good fortune and strength.

The elephant is seen in many cultures as a symbol of good luck, in Hinduism the God Ganesh is depicted as an elephant and is worshipped as the bringing of new beginnings. In Buddhism it is said that Buddha had a reincarnation as a white elephant.

Elephants are a symbol of strength, power and longevity, depicting plodding along carefully with grace and poise.

Spiritually, the elephant refers to both mind and body, an elephant can be seen as a spirit guide to help us along a journey that requires patience. Elephant radiate authority and steadfastness with a power of presence equal to none. The elephantsymbolises spiritualawareness, and awareness of the earth and how they affect the land. The elephant holds the symbolism of luck and fortitude, her call ushers in positive energy and breaks negative energy. An elephant’s call heard when all else is calm has the ability to open the chakras. The elephant symbolizes the feminine the mother and holds the element of water. Water and elephants go together, both allow flexibility in movement and power beyond the normal.

Elephant spirit energies heighten our awareness with intelligence and complex thinking, enhancing all aspects of our lives. Conjuring elephant wisdom into our realm simply needs us to offer elephants the same as she offers us. Loyalty, peace, divine guidance, protection, and strength through the presence of power. Elephants are tree protector spirits talking and communicating with the trees of the forest. A system of ancient knowledge and communication is passed from elephant to tree alerting the jungle of danger before it reaches.

Elephant embodies all memory, the extreme memory or photographic memory to loss of memory. Symbolizing the health of mind elephant has different messages for all involved in her teachings. Patience is the elephant’s strongest weapon, allowing adversity to drift off her back with calm resilience, responding to a crisis with relaxed fast responses.