Spirit Animal for Pisces 19th February - 20th March

Posted by uniquesoulhealing on February 15, 2021

February 19th – March 20th
Pisces’s spirit animal is a seahorse they are lovely, cute and very inspirational creatures. Most people find them interesting and identify them with sea.. Seahorses are truly amazing water beings.
They are of a quite unusual appearance and biological characteristics, so they are often considered magical and enchanting.
Did you know seahorses’ eyeballs can move in different directions at the same time? These animals also have very useful tail, which they use to slowly move around and to catch food, as well;
Pisces are compassionate, understanding, and will no doubt put the needs of others above their own. It is this kind nature that keeps these people moving forward. The frivolous side of their generous nature is that of the often-shy Pisces, and many take advantage of the goodness of their well-meaning souls
The spiritual significance of Pisces means being true to yourself and learning your own self worth and seeing the viability of your inner resources., to teach us to dream and to nourish a subconscious and intuitive power within our beings. See the beauty and truth of your own dreams. Swim in your own current. Seek your answers within and only within. Support others by supporting yourself and your ideals. Helps others see the beauty that lies right before them and within them.
Believe in the impossible but accept what is possible. Nurture your intuition but simply listen to it…don’t live in it. Honour the strength of your mind. Allow rough life periods to access your amazing spiritual powers of restoration and truth. Rather than allow issues to sweep you along sink within yourself and discover their roots.
Learn to believe in YOUR dreams and no one else’s. Every answer to every question you have ever asked has always been inside….go there when you need and believe in what you find.