Top Tips for Reaching Spiritual Enlightenment

Posted by admin on June 27, 2017

spiritual.jpgThe concept of enlightenment implies a complete understanding of life and the universe. Spiritual enlightenment transcends religion, thought, mind and senses, conveying a level of wisdom and knowledge in regards to life and the universe. We’ve put together some top tips used all over the world to reach spiritual enlightenment.


Meditation can help to calm the mind and increase conscious attention of oneself. Therefore, we tend to focus less on what is going on around us. By shutting down any external distractions, it becomes easier to focus on ourselves and reduce internal distractions. There are many different types of meditation, though whatever variation you choose, all can help to achieve the final goal of spiritual enlightenment.


Similar to meditation, yoga can help our minds to relax and reach enlightenment. The mind is trained to focus on the body during yoga, which in turn makes the body work more efficiently and become healthier. These combinations of activities on both the mind and body create the perfect environment for enlightenment to occur. The repetition of yoga movements can also provide the mind with an opportunity to think less, helping to reduce stress.


Chanting is the rhythmic speaking or singing of words and sounds. It is often used solely for the purpose of aligning internal energy with the Divine. Chants can range from melodies to highly complex musical structures and are commonly used in spiritual practice. Chanting works as a way to help reach spiritual enlightenment as it is a repetitive activity; reducing the mind’s focus to the one action.


Religion and spirituality are two very different things. They do not depend on each other, though both can help you to understand things through a new and different perspective. Prayer is like a physical meditation; it helps you to achieve serenity and experience a connection. In contemporary prayers, where the internal or external voice is used to communicate with a God, the prayer is also designed for enlightenment.

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