Wolf Spirit Animal

Posted by uniquesoulhealing on January 29, 2021

The Wolf is probably one of the most appreciated, respected and admired animals on the planet, but also despised, severely hunted and demonized by humans. This proud and brave member of Canine family is a spirit guide and our real enemy, since ancient times until this day.

and, strangely, this merciless predator is also seen somewhat similar to humans in nature. Humans have been observing wolves’ behaviour through ages, noticing patterns that seem inspiring and those that are primal and scary. It appears we see wolves as cruel, merciless and unscrupulous beings.

There are also numerous beliefs that consider wolves dark magical creatures who posses special, supernatural powers. In many legends, folktales and popular culture stories, wolves can shape shift, they change into werewolves, they are demoniac hounds and so on.

On a positive side, there are also various beliefs about wolves as powerful spirits, guides and protectors. Free spirit of wolves is, perhaps, what inspires and fascinates the most.

There are so many myths and legends about wolves. All these beliefs and stories prove how important wolves are to humans, in symbolical sense, in the first place. Perhaps the most widely known wolf related legend is that about the Ancient Roman legendary she-wolf, who has taken care of Romulus and Remus, the mythical founders of the city of Rome.

Wolf symbolism and spiritual meaning: What does a wolf symbolize? Specific meanings depend on particular culture and tradition. Wolves symbolize freedom, bravery, primal forces, intuition, instincts, strength, self-reliance, loneliness, solitude, unity, company and loyalty. On a dark and negative side, wolves represent danger, threat, thirst for blood and killing.

For some people wolves are an incarnation of devilish forces; for others, wolves are inspiring spirit animals. Spirit of the Wolf is a powerful guiding force in some traditions, mostly shamanic ones. They are both our friends and our enemies, the ones that chase us, but also the ones that guide us.

Wolves are not animals that you could domesticate, so, as a metaphor, a wolf always stands for a person that is strong-willed and determined, not manipulated easily and self-reliant. On the other hand, wolves also symbolize our instincts, primal energy that sleeps deep down inside us.

Wolf spirit could be a powerful guiding force. Those who are protected by the Wolf totem are believed to have great qualities. Wolf people are optimistic, courageous and intelligent. They have great intuition and always listen to their heart, although they have trust in others and believe in the power of bonds. They praise family values above all else and they could be very supportive and reliable ones. Wolf people could also be loners, dedicated to their own dreams and goals.