30 day healing experience



Janet and Corrina  founders of Unique Soul Healing have set each calendar month aside to those who desire to change your life, through  working with us via face book, a group will be available for you to join as a member and have interaction with others along your journey only those who have taken up this healing experience will be in this group enabling you make friends  , through this experience you will be given daily meditations which will be guided by us  which take you through the whole of the unique soul healing programme which is Accredited by the IPHM , along with daily information to help you progress, we have set out below each week what you will be experiencing leading to your freedom , 30 days we will be giving you new information in the members group on face book , we ask for a commitment of around 30 mins a day from you to get the best out of this experience . 

You will receive a certificate for the foundation course level 1  

Unique Soul Healing Ltd




Welcome from Corrina and Janet

Mission statement


Who am I?

Personal preparation for becoming your own healer

Continued spiritual professional development

Personal support and guidance.

Creating a healing space

The importance of opening and closing



Aligning to the higher energies

Summoning the higher being


Being ungrounded


Chakras and Unique Soul Healing

Cleaning the chakras

The difference between meditation and visualisation

Leading a visualisation

Delivering a visualisation

Organising a ceremony



Spontaneous drawing

Our thoughts


Our inner child

Our shadow self

The spiritual laws



The antakarana


The new golden age of Aquarius

The rays

St Germain’s GPAS

I am presence

St Germain



The 12th ray

Archangel Zadkiel

Paul the Venetian

The violet flame


Earth star chakra alignment and activities 

Base chakra alignment and activities 


Sacral chakra alignment and activities 

Navel chakra alignment and activities 

Solar plexus chakra alignment and activities 

Heart chakra alignment and activities 

Throat chakra alignment and activities 

Third eye chakra alignment and activities  

Crown chakra alignment and activities 



Causal chakra alignment and activities 

Soul star chakra alignment and activities 

Stellar gateway chakra alignment and activities 

Step one, finding your point of dis-ease

Step two recognising the truth of the situation

Step three to understand the aspirations of the heart and how to achieve those aspirations.

Step four finding the “why” and “how to gro

Step five freedom, the power to act/think/speak as one wants; anything and all is possible.

New mindset

Healing is permanent

Keep your ego in check

Healing ceremony




Unique Soul HealingTM System 

If you could wave a magic wand over your life how would it change?

Have you had healing or therapies but still struggle with finding the freedom you desire? 

Do you struggle with

  • relationships?
  • confidence or always thinking the worst?
  • money and feeling like you are always lacking?
  • career?
  • health or weight issues?
  • being stuck in the past?
  • stress?

Through the Unique Soul HealingTM experience your mind, body and soul will come into perfect balance, establishing the perfect platform for spiritual evolution.  It enables you to have the life you desire:

  • have the relationship you want
  • gain confidence
  • have more money come to you
  • have the confidence to achieve the dream job you’ve always wanted
  • better health and feel confident in your own understanding of weight issues
  • stop living in the past
  • stress management.

The Unique Soul HealingTM System is a transformational process and is all about YOU.

You are a soul – we help bring you back to your ‘I AM Presence’, your true self, through this new gentle, safe and controlled process.

We give you the information, tools, experience and wisdom of the highest calibre, connecting you with the Ascended Masters, Archangels, Angels and the purest frequencies for the safe transmission of Unique Soul HealingTM energies.

Learn to heal yourself - we treat the cause and not the symptoms, so you only need to go through the Unique Soul HealingTM System once. You are in control, and once learnt, you have a tool for life. 

Heal yourself

This is an incredible time on Earth; the new healing energies that we work with are for everybody.  Many healing methods only treat the symptoms whereas Unique Soul HealingTM treats the cause.This is You healing yourself.  We guide you and support you, but You do it for Yourself through a closed Facebook page over seven weeks

If you have a pain in your body, if you feel emotionally unbalanced, if there is a blockage that you are struggling with... we give you the tools to transform and manifest all areas of your being so you can live the life you want.

The Foundation, Alignment, and Five Steps

The Unique Soul HealingTM System Experience consists of: 

- The Foundation (the information for this is also in our book): the energies we are working with, the USH chakras of the Golden Age of Aquarius, grounding, and protection.

- The Alignment: chakras are spinning energy points in the body.  When they are out of alignment we are not living life as well as we could.  We align your twelve chakras of the Golden Age of Aquarius, bringing you into balance.  We have been given a specific healing colour for each of the chakras.  As we align each chakra we bring it into the specific colour frequency, raising your vibration and entering the 5th dimension, which is needed in order to receive the full healing energy, maximum benefit and transmutation, of the 7th Ray Violet Flame (during the twelfth chakra alignment).  Each of the twelve alignments consists of guided visualisations, activities, journaling and discussion.  Once you have achieved balance and experienced the loving energies of the Violet Flame, you begin the healing process and we will follow on with the five steps.

- The Five Steps: 
1. finding your dis-ease
2. recognising the truth of the situation
3. understanding the aspirations of the heart and how to achieve them
4. finding the why and how to grow
5. freedom the power to act as one where all is possible.
The five steps also involve guided visualisations, activities, discussion and journaling.
We will then look at your journey to see how your healing process is progressing, leaving you full of confidence.    

There is no requirement to share personal information or experiences within the group.

You will become the true essence of yourself and who you really are can blossom and shine.  The end result is Your freedom; whatever that means to you and however your soul expresses itself.

We provide full support and guidance before, during and after the course through the Facebook page.







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