Supercharge Your Spiritual Knowledge


30 Day Holistic Knowledge Boost. Every day a new and exciting topic including Workshops, podcasts, live Q&A sessions, Courses, both accredited and participation certificates awarded . This course is exclusive to Unique Soul Healing and available for a limited time. The course is online and can be watched live or on catch up so you can watch in your own time and at your own pace. There is also a free gift on sign up worth £15.

Begins Saturday 1st May 2021 10am


Day 1: Unique Soul Healing Foundation Course. Live Certificated.

Day 2: Reiki Level 1. Live Workshop. 10 am - 4pm

Day 3: Activate your 12 Chakras. & Exercises and sound.

Day 4: Unique Soul Healing Show

Day 5: Meditation and Q&A live.

Day 6: Working with your guides and merging your energy.

Day 7. Sound Healing for the Earth

Day 8: Angel Workshop..

Day 9: Live Interactive Team Podcast,  Angel Stories.

Day 10: Earth Star Chakra and activities.

Day 11: Storytelling Activities.

Day 12: Team Live Q&A Session.

Day 13: How we perceive energy and how to use it.

Day 14: Discussion on using crystals and meditation.

Day 15: Crystal Healing Workshop 10-4pm

Day 16: Podcast on Crystals and activities.

Day 17: Law of Attraction 

Day 18: Exploring systems and tools  for business

Day 19: Q&A Session

Day 20:Heart Chakra Meditation and related activities

Day 21: Talk on Birth and their tribes.

Day 22: Angel Tarot Workshop. 10-4

Day 23: Podcast: Angel Tarot & Birth

Day 24:Demonstration of Trance.

Day 25: Branding, marketing & Law of Attraction.

Day 26: Q&A

Day 27: Reiki Level 2 10-4

Day 28: Practical session: Looking after yourself

Day 29: Healthy Food Workshop 10-4

Day 30: Summary of the whole Course:


All Course notes will be emailed to you  before the course begins.

You will also receive a gift so that you can journal your experiences.


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