29th February 2020 - 7th March 2020. Folkestone, Kent

25th April 2020 - 2nd May 2020. Folkestone, Kent

6th June 2020 - 13th June 2020. Folkestone, Kent

October 2020. France. TBC

Do you struggle to find the time you desire for personal growth & healing?
What areas of your life do you wrangle with; weight/confidence/work/finances/romance/family?
Would you like to have a few days to focus on clearing your blocks and changing yourself as well as your life?

Our 6-day retreat in the heart of the Garden of England is perfect for anyone wanting to use the spiritual tools plus self healing, to become the person you want to be, to heal the toxic events of your past lives as well as your current life and to equip yourself with the tools needed to bring the future life you deserve?


Have you had healing or therapies but still struggle with finding the freedom you desire?

Do you struggle with:

  • relationships?
  • confidence or always thinking the worst?
  • money and feeling like you are always lacking?
  • career?
  • health or weight issues?
  • being stuck in the past?
  • stress?


Through the Unique Soul HealingTM experience your mind, body and soul will come into perfect balance, establishing the perfect platform for spiritual evolution.

It enables you to:

  • have the life you desire
  • have the relationship you want
  • gain confidence
  • have more money come to you
  • have the confidence to achieve the dream job you’ve always wanted
  • better health and feel confident in your own understanding of weight issues
  • stop living in the past
  • stress management.


For anyone drawn to being a healer whether for yourself or others, this retreat will give you the opportunity to progress to being a practitioner in the Unique Soul Healing system if so desired as well as allowing you to access the spiritual world and all the benefits this can provide, remember, you are a spiritual being having a human experience!


The Unique Soul HealingTM System is a transformational process and is all about YOU.

You are a soul – we help bring you back to your ‘I AM Presence’, your true self, through this new gentle, safe and controlled process.

We give you the information, tools, experience and wisdom of the highest calibre, connecting you with the Ascended Masters, Archangels, Angels and the purest frequencies for the safe transmission of Unique Soul HealingTM energies.

Learn to heal yourself - we treat the cause and not the symptoms, so you only need to go through the Unique Soul HealingTM System once. You are in control, and once learnt, you have a tool for life.


Heal Yourself. This is an incredible time on Earth; the new healing energies that we work with are for everybody. Many healing methods only treat the symptoms whereas Unique Soul HealingTM treats the cause.

This is You healing yourself. It is not a therapists’ hands-on course. We guide you and support you, but You do it for Yourself.

If you have a pain in your body, if you feel emotionally unbalanced, if there is a blockage that you are struggling with... we give you the tools to transform and manifest all areas of your being so you can live the life you want.

Full Residential Price (Discounts available) includes the following:

  • 6 Nights accommodation (shared, single occupancy available with a surcharge) at The Grand Hotel in Folkestone, Kent
  • Full Board
  • 6 Days of full tuition in the Unique Soul Healing Programme & Self Healing & Self Development tools
  • Meditation techniques & benefits
  • 1-2-1 mentoring where needed
  • Copy of the Unique Soul Healing book by Janet & Corrina Bristow
  • Course handouts

Retreat price: £1,332

20 February 2020 - 7th March 2020 in Folkestone, Kent

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A message from Tracy Fance (Co-organiser) on the Retreat

My name is Tracy Fance and, like you, I am a product of my upbringing and my life, however, I chose not to accept who I was and so I became who I wanted to be instead.

We live in a world where we are under huge stress and pressure to be perfect, we are imperfect humans so this isn’t meant to be, but you can still be the best you can be. We are bombarded with celebrities who look ‘perfect’ when in fact they have been digitally altered to be perfect. We have people in our lives who make us feel inadequate or who crush our confidence, as well as experiences in life that can traumatise us whether this is a broken relationship, difficult familial relationships, accidents and anything else you can think of. This can all be undone by using various different self-development tools in conjunction with the Unique Soul Healing program, I will help you to be the best you can be. 

Not everything in our lives is down to this life, some is actually based in our past lives, we will use the Akashic Records and your spiritual army to help let the past go so you can focus on this life and its issues.

I have been teaching and helping people to heal for over 10 years, some of that is via traditional methods such as Reiki, some is via my readings but much is through my self-development tools. So empower yourself now and learn these tools to be who you want to be.

We will study the Laws of Attraction and Manifestation as well as using Positive Mental Awareness to create a new inner dialogue that allows you to do whatever you wish to do in life. We will also use the Akashic Records which is the spiritual library where all your past life, current lives and future lives are recorded so you can access the information to help you understand the life you have now.

No experience is needed just a desire to change your life and live the life you have always wished for.

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