The rhythm of life ~ White Hawk channelled through Janet Bristow 07.06.16


I wish for you to look below the river and the life that exists below the river.White-Hawk.jpg

Now look into your heart and what happens beneath your skin.

Like the river your energy flows.

The energy of the body just is. Thoughts and feelings just are. Without fear or ego.

If you think of the river and even go as far to say the oceans, it is in synchronicity, it just happens.

Connecting to the Earth, the stars and beyond, the rhythm is just happening.

The might of the Almighty is strong and wise and loving and merciful and I ask you to be this of yourself.

For this is like a leaf with it’s veins that flow, and sometimes disrupted.

My message is for you to love within as well as without.

And the power that is within is from the Almighty.

And from this your strength will grow.